What happens if I leave the timer page?

Version 2 will allow you to close the page, wander off, and come back later to report that you've sat back down. Currently, you must leave the page open to keep the timer running. We know this isn't ideal, and we strongly recommend turning Standing Clock into a Fluid app until version 2 is available!

How do I make a Fluid app?

Go to fluidapp.com and download Fluid. (It's Mac OSX only; if you're aware of a similar Windows product let us know and we'll recommend that as well!) Install it, open Fluid, and just enter the following information:

Now you'll have a native Standing Clock app which you can launch and run completely independent of your browser, so no more worries about remembering to keep the window open. You may also have to go to "Whitelist Preferences" in this new app's Prefs and select "allow browsing to any URL." This'll make sure you can log in to Google, tweet your stats, etc.

I can't stand all day, morons. How do I tell it that I'm sitting down once in a while?

Version 2 will have a super easy "stand up again" button. In the meantime, you can click the Standing Clock logo on any page to go back to the start page and stand again. Your data will be aggregated throughout the day.

What other features are coming up?